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Pension Salzburger Hof - Fuschl am See


Around Fuschl am See

The summer toboggan run

Fun for the whole family. With the help of a drag lift you are pulled up to the start and then speed down to the valley in the metal slide. This is a special holiday experience and sometimes the grand final of the day.

Horse drawn carriage ride

With two horse-power a journey through the Ellmau valley. Together with the Haflinger horses Alando and Avalon, the coachdriver Steffi will show you a lovely side valley of our village. Through green meadows, via the old Ruming water mill, you come to the quiet Ellmau valley. Return along the base of the Ellmaustein mountain and the lake promenade back to Ebner´s Waldhof.

Ruming mill – From corn to bread

Built in 1872 the Ruming mill was used to ground the grain of the local farmers. Twenty-five years ago it was renovated and is now open to the public. In the mill itself, guests can watch the grinding process and in the neighbouring bake-house farmhouse bread is made and baked here once a week in summer.

Kneipp Water Gardens

The Kneipp water treading gardens are to be found on the way to the mill and were built by the Kneipp Activ Club. Here you will find boards explaining the powers of this cold water therapy for your body.

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